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Slate UX Kit
Note: Purchase link is not available anymore.

Slate UX Kit, a wireframing framework for mobile devices

Wireframe might be considered dead, but discussing the app flow is always necessary. Whether you want to go knee-deep on the wireframe with all the screens and flows, or just want to give a simple idea on how a screen should look like or a how a flow works to your clients and managers, this UX kit will help you speed up the process.

Examples of the screen sets in use

Examples of the available screen sets.

Try to look beyond the details in each screen as you think more about the flows and major touchpoints in the first place. After the flow is approved, you can get quickly to prototyping and UI design — where all the details matter.

With the Sketch app gaining popularity and its ease of use garnered positive responses, it’s getting in the way of others as a tool of choice for designers. It can have unlimited canvas which is great for converging ideas.

Use this tool as a base, modify it as you wish, take the elements out and into another screens, everything’s up to you.