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Project Overview

Hango is a mobile app that lets you create on-the-go, spontaneous hangouts with your friends. Imagine that you are in town and want to invite your friend for a drink or two at the bar, or perhaps on a pizza excursion. Just create a Hango group and track your friends. You can share photos, locations and chat with all the participants. Each group session is real-time and must be ended, so the immediate fun is there.

My Role

My role is to lead the design process, starting from sketching, wireframing to managing a UI designer to design the user interface. I work with a Business/UX Analyst, and a Project Manager, a Program Manager and a team of engineers. Most of the UI design is done by a designer collaborator, Wieky Azza Mahfresya.


Our goal is to make it seamless and easy for the app users to create impromptu hangouts. This is achieved by creating a group and inviting them at once. Users can accept and reject an invitation.


The client had a clear grasp of what the app is about, but they don’t have the user journey and flow yet. I helped them with the app concept, user journey, wireframing and iterating them all the way to final user interface design.


Hango wireframing

I normally follow this process: 1. Discovery, 2. Concept, 3. Wireframing, 4. Design, 5. Prototyping and 6. Iteration.

With Discovery, I discuss with fellow team members, do background research online, make presentations to the team, talk to customers. Find the problems and what we have done in the past that worked and didn’t.

With Concept, I write down the findings from Discovery and make quick sketches, then present again to the team.

With Wireframing, I take the quick sketch into digitized wireframes that show the basic level of information architecture and interaction flow.

With Design, I take the wireframes to the next level and add details, including colors, shapes, illustrations, icons and others.

With Prototyping, I work with a UI designer to create a Flinto prototype.

With Iteration, I work with the whole team and client to fine-tune every little detail to perfection.


Hango UI design

A solid design. Based on the brand guideline set by the client, we set forth to create a solid app design that not only looks modern and young, but also works straight out of the box. We want to minimise tutorials and use as little inline instruction as possible.

Hango UI design

A foundation. We believe in agile and iterative development, so the design has to be scalable and serves as a foundation for future improvements. We do this by not overcrowding the feature set and make it as familiar and close as possible to the native iOS user interface.

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