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Meetings Can Be Better If

  • People don’t bring laptops and phones in. Just do sketches. Emails and internet are distracting.
  • No PowerPoint is involved. Alright, Keynote slides are fine. Or even better, just still images.
  • We all keep it lean. Just 5 participants maximum. Odd numbers are best, so in case we go democratic, we can outnumber the rest.
  • It’s done in day-time, before lunch.
  • We keep it short. One hour is the max.
  • We have action plans thought before. Brainstorming for hours isn’t a thing.
  • We plan it a few days before, but not weeks before.
  • We think that the discussion can be relatively longer than a short email.
  • We really need see faces.
  • Internet connection is best — only for conference calls. Anyway, conference calls are painful. So, I’d rather skip them. Do emails instead.
  • They’re actually replaced with emails or digital communication tools or whatever. (Can’t stress enough.)
  • Each participant is given equal or appropriate time to express themselves. Meetings often benefit only extroverts.
  • Prepared. Meaning, each participant is briefed on the subject of meeting and they’re asked to write first-hand solutions to be discussed further. Nothing is worst than coming empty-handed and spend 1 hour talking about nothing.
  • We have whiteboards or stick-its, of course. See point 1.
  • We lose the projectors and replace them with monitors (big ones). Projectors are shitty.

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