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How the Dutch deal with flood

February 14th, 2013

We all know that the Dutch are likely the most prepared people on earth against flood. However, there has been a change in their approach, from doing something “against” it to doing something to “embrace” it.

And now the evidence is leading them to undertake what may seem, at first blush, a counterintuitive approach, a kind of about-face: The Dutch are starting to let the water in. They are contriving to live with nature, rather than fight (what will inevitably be, they have come to realize) a losing battle.

How they are doing it:

The local buzzword is ‘multifunctional.’ The Dutch are putting retail and offices on top of new dikes, designing public squares and garages to double as catch basins for rain and floodwater, constructing floating houses and reservoirs that create recreational opportunities.

Cardiogram at 30,000 feet

February 4th, 2013

A doctor performed a cardiogram with an iPhone on a flying plane:

That day on the airplane, Dr. Topol displayed the potential of wireless medicine when he snapped an AliveCor device onto his iPhone and performed a cardiogram at 30,000 feet. Using this portable, cellphone powered device, Topol was able to see that the passenger was definitely having a heart attack and he recommended an urgent landing. The passenger was rushed to the hospital and survived.

The future of healthcare is in your pocketable digital device.

Japan: Earthquake Aftermath

March 13th, 2011

As usual, The Boston Globe’s online gallery is stunning, this time collecting aftermath photos on recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.